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Custom Bikes

Last but certainly not least Alchemy offer fully hand built frames made to suit the needs of the most fanatical rider. We are happy to work with each individual to discuss the finer points of frame geometry and ride characteristic that they are looking for. We don't limit our custom range to road and track bikes, if you want it we can build it single speed mountain bikes or an Easton Ultralite tandem frame, (like the ones that were ridden into the record books at the Sydney Olympic games in 2000).
We also offer full custom painting with a 2 year warranty. Whether you want a simple single colour, a full airbrushed Pammy (just like Cippo) or anything in between it's all possible. It's your dream bike, why should we put limits on what you can have?

Columbus Metal Track
with carbon fork $1750 RRP  Larger View

Columbus XLR8R, Muscle Seat Stay
& fork $3349 RRP  Larger View

Columbus Metal with Carve seat stays
and fork $2349 RRP   Larger View

Easton Ultralite Pro Race Track
with carbon fork $2090 RRP   Larger View

Altec 2, Carve Seat Stay and fork
$2749 RRP   Larger View

Millward Custom Altec 2 with carve seat stay
and fork with Ultegra Group Set
$3999 RRP  Larger View

Alchemy Scandium SC7000 custom with Columbus Carve Seat Stay and Fork. Dura Ace 10 spd Group Set. $6499 RRP   Larger View

Custom Tandems Available From $7999 - $11,999 (as pictured) RRP  Larger View


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